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How to Stop the Addiction to Pain Relief Services

Okay everyone, we’ve got a problem. An epidemic. And I’m not talking about the epidemic that you may think.

We have an epidemic of chronic pain going on and it is running ramped.

Peoples’ pain has gotten worse and worse with the amount of sitting that our culture has been doing for the last year. Which means that people are suffering more and more. And there don’t seem to be many viable solutions available.

Many people in pain have what I like to call an “addiction to pain relief services.” They go to get services, they (maybe) get some relief and then they go back again, with no end in sight.

This is the way that the system has been built. Rely on us so that you can live with at least some quality of life... and then rely on us some more.

I want to be very clear in stating that I highly respect anyone who lives to serve others and heal pain. But on a systemic level, this isn’t right.

So how do we break this pattern? How do we set you up with all of the tools you need so that you can actually HEAL your chronic pain with long term relief?

Fill in the Gaps

There are some major GAPS in the pain relief industry that need to be filled. They are the reason why you’re not healing or have not been able to maintain healing on your own. My passion and mission is to finally fill those gaps so that you don’t have to rely on me or anyone else anymore.


Why do you hurt? Why did your vertebrae get compressed? Why are your joints inflamed? Muscular imbalances have pulled them out of stability. But why did that happen? One main reason: repetitive motions.

The more you sit (a repetitive motion), the more your hips and back learn to be tight. The more you type, the more your shoulders and neck learn to be overactive.

When clients can’t survive without the help of pain relief services, one reason is because they are re-injuring themselves every day through repetitive motions. This sets it up so that they can never fully heal and will always need our help.

This is why proper ergonomics are so key. Doing things in an ergonomic way minimizes the harm of repetitive motions and empowers you to do your daily activities pain free. THIS is why I have Ergonomists on staff, because we need to take out this cyclical cause of inflammation from its root

Myofascial Release

If you don’t receive or do regular body work, then the chances of you fully healing from chronic pain are minimal.

If you don’t release the tight muscles before waking up the under active ones, those tight muscles will continually try to take over, pull your joints and vertebrae out of place and cause inflammation.

The goal is that you don’t have to rely on others anymore. So how do we accomplish that?

Self myofascial release is an incredible technique that my clients have seen life changing healing from. I teach them to use lacrosse balls, neck tools, shoulder tools and leg tools to release those overactive muscles. Every overactive muscles in the body gets released, but they gain the tools to be able to rely on themselves to do it. This is how to get consistent and long lasting results.

Corrective Exercise

There’s something about Corrective Exercise that people should know. It can be done wrong. Very wrong. In a way that doesn’t actually help heal the body. And this happens more often than not.

Corrective Exercise is essentially teaching everything on your body to go back into stability, alleviating pain and causing more functionality in the body. Physical Therapy is a form of Corrective Exercise. The thing about doing this process is that the body will always try to do something the easiest way that it can. So it will naturally do even corrective movements dysfunctionally unless specifically taught not to.

This is why so many people don’t see results from PT. This is also why so many people rely on professionals to continually tell them if they’re doing it right. I believe that education is greatly lacking in this area. You should be educated thoroughly in a way that helps your body long term.

I Want to Hear From You

What has your experience been with the pain relief industry? Are you in a cycle where you’re relying on pain relief services? Have you beat the cycle? We want to hear from you. Comment your experiences below!

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