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Why You Have Pain and What You Can Do About It

Who here has gone to the chiropractor within the last year? How about numerous times over the last several years? I want to ask you a question: have the results ever lasted permanently? If your answer is no, read on, my friend. Read on.

Now it's important to make clear that the root cause of most back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee issues are actually muscular imbalances. And fixing the muscular component of the problem is a necessary part of living pain free. If you don't do that, you probably won't see results that last.

What Are Muscular Imbalances?

I'm glad you asked. Because nearly every human being alive has them. A muscular imbalance is when you have shortened, tight muscles that pull your joints and vertebrae out of stability. At the same time, the deep internal muscles that are supposed to keep everything in place start to lengthen and stop doing their jobs. This leads to pain and injuries, but is also very fixable!

How Can You Tell if You Have One?

If you have pain, you almost certainly have a muscular imbalance. If you notice that your shoulders round, your neck pulls forward, your back hurts, your belly sticks out, you struggle to tone your abs, you have a flat butt, you feel pressure in your knees during movement, or your feet are flattening, those are all signs that you probably have a muscular imbalance.

What You Can Do About It

There have been a lot of studies that have been done on the most effective ways to solve this problem. Stretching has been a long term go to for many people, but I will tell you right now that stretching is actually NOT the most effective solution. Studies have shown that static stretching does not have as meaningful of a positive impact on injury recovery and prevention as we once thought. This kind of stretching can actually minimize muscular endurance and capability if held for too long!

Corrective strengthening is a much more effective solution and involves activating and strengthening the muscles that are often "on vacation" that are responsible for stabilizing your joints and vertebrae. There is another solution called Myofascial Release (similar to trigger point therapy) that is very effective in causing the tight muscles to stop being overactive. When you combine these two methods of treatment together, you can find permanent solutions to pain and muscular tension.

What Should My Next Steps Be?

Most people see the term "corrective exercise" and think that I'm talking about Yoga or exercise in general. Unfortunately, this is not what is going to correct your muscular imbalances. Though movement and Yoga can bring some positive impacts to the body, they will not completely correct the imbalances that have formed over the years that have led to pain. It has taken a lifetime for your body to get to this point, so it will take a specialized approach to change it. So what can you do?

Correct the Way You Do Repetitive Motions

The number one cause of muscular imbalances are repetitive motions, especially when done incorrectly. Are you sitting for long periods of time at your desk? That's a repetitive motion. Are you lifting your kiddo on the daily? That's a repetitive motion. It's important to find the ergonomic way to set up your work space and your daily habits so that you are set up for pain free success.

Move Your Body Frequently

There's a saying in the world of corrective exercise "lotion is motion". It means that the more you move, the more blood flow circulates through your body so that your inflammation and pain can subside. There is a counterpoint to this, though. We don't want you to move in any ways that cause irritation to your inflamed areas. So it's important to be careful and intuitive with your body in this.

Get a Free Consultation

You deserve to live pain free and to find life long solutions. I recommend getting your muscular imbalances assessed so that we can form a detailed path to healing these issues for good. I would love to treat you to a complimentary consultation where we can discuss what you've been dealing with and how to fix it. You do NOT have to live in pain. It is fixable! You can comment below, or message me here to schedule.

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